Broadloom Tuft Carpets

Classis offers a wide range of stain proof polypropylene tufted carpets; well-known twist and saxony ranges in the market such as “Jewel & Impression”, “Jewel & Impression Soft Touch”, “Pearl” and  “Pearl Soft Touch”, “Amber”, “Emerald”, “Garnet-Sapphire” and many more to come. 

Broadloom Wilton Carpets

Classis has the widest Wilton collection in the market. You can find Wilton broadloom series in all qualities like polypropylene heatset, polypropylene frisee, acrylic, polyester and wool. Some of our well-known collections are: “Venice Supreme Carving”, “Super Palace Carving”, “Imperial Hand Carving”, “Aragona Tartan” and “Imperial Tartan”.

“Rubens – Serenity”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

01 Rubens Serenity Tuscany 3000 X 1260 Px
02 Imperial Hc New Spc New Venice Spc 3000 X 1260

“Imperial Hand Carving – New Super Palace Carving – New Venice Supreme Carving”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

“Colorado – Montana – Savona – Verona”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

03 Cdo Vona Svona Mtana 3000 X 1260 Px
04 Alabama New Moonlight Marseille 3000 X 1260 Px

“Marseille – Alabama – New Moonlight”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

“Luciana – Imperial Tartan”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

05 Imperial Tar Luciana 3000 X 1260 Px
06 Lucca Milano Miami 3000 X 1260 Px

“Milano – Miami – Lucca”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

“Windsor – Rainbow”

machine woven broadloom Wilton carpets

07 Rainbow Windsor 3000 X 1260 Px

Rug Collections

Whether modern, classically, elegant or playful, our rugs combine materials, colours and creative design to express their originality.

The Classis Rug Collection

Our professional designers and international trend researchers work together to create thematic groups of rugs that are reflected in our collection of at least 11 diverse rug qualities.

1459 White Silver Grey Room
01 S 0126 Multicolour Room

“Madrid” quality

Colour your home with our decorative PES chenille rugs! Patterns are detailed, photorealistic or like paintings. The rugs are washable at 30° C gentle machine wash program.

“Dublin” quality

The soft cut pile polyamide surface invites to live and feel the rugs. Faded vintage, flower patterns and scratched designs in „Matrix“ style are fashionable. The pile height is 7mm.

02 S 0037 Gold Room 1030x710
03 S 0097 Curry Grey Room 1030x673

“Berlin” quality

The design portfolio is varied and fulfills every taste. These chromojet printed, polyamide rugs have got a 4,5mm loop pile base material which makes the quality durable.

“Chic” quality

Designs are classical and the colour palette is sophisticated. If you touch the pile you feel the softness of the PP material. With a decent shine, the quality looks elegant and rich.

04 1444 White Cloud Room 1030x772
05 1274 Beige Dark Grey Room 1030x645

“Florida” quality

With a pile of 20mm PP, “Florida”, is the richest quality of the patterned ones. Nature design, rhythmic patterns and colour gradients are developed in vintage style.

“Modern Spirit” quality

Contemporary art and colourful flower gradient rugs are decorative accessories in modern houses and can also be nice as wall decoration. Pile height of the PP quality is 13mm.

06 1243 Grey Cream Room 1030x687
07 1422 Blue Red Room 1030x579

“Home Essential” quality

This basic PP quality with a pile of 9mm is especially suitable for people with less money but with a high demand for trendy and colourful designs in modern living areas.


“Hamburg” quality / “Outdoor” quality

Southern tiles, lively flowers and modern grids are the motives of this 3mm high PP quality that is also suitable for outdoor use. Whether on the terrace, at the pool or in the house – it fits!

08 1492 Cream Blue Room 1030x672
Products Rug Collection Haiti

“Haiti” quality

„Walking on sand“ – these could be the keywords to describe the 10mm high, very soft PES „Haiti“ quality. Ethno, vintage, fine graphics and neo-camouflage are the pattern keywords.


“Hawaii” quality

Same quality as „Haiti“, but here the pile is not less than 30mm high! With a well balanced range of 5 neutral shades and 3 colourful options, „Hawaii“ is a super soft basic shaggy range.


10 1050 Light Beige Room 1030x687
11 9997 Touch Me Creme Room 1030x687

“Touch Me” quality

With a 35mm PP cut pile, „Touch Me“ is also soft & agreable; the twisted yarn colours show a speckled structure effect which is not only decorative but also stains will be seen less.



Happy Kids Rugs

Our happy kids rugs make the kids rooms lively and colourful. Kids and parents can choose from a wide variety of contemporary designs and different sizes such as rectangular rugs and also individual, cute motif shapes.

“Cosy” quality

* machine washable
* antislip backing
* Oekotex


02 Lama Quality Cosy 3000 X 1260 Px
03 Unicorn Quality Cosy 3000 X 1260 Px

“Cosy” quality

* machine washable
* antislip backing
* Oekotex


“Fancy” quality

* machine washable
* antislip backing
* Oekotex

04 Airplane Quality Fancy 3000 X 1260 Px
05 Cloud Quality Fluffy 3000 X 1260 Px

“Fluffy” quality

* high pile, soft touch
* machine washable
* Oekotex

Happy Kids Rugs

Children can enjoy the softness of the rug surface materials and have the luxury to make the rugs dirty – thanks to easy clean and machine washable features. The Classis happy kids rugs are digitally printed with care and made of 100% soft touch polyester.

Happy Kids Rugs

Artificial Animal Furs

Classis presents a colourful cocktail of various artificial animal furs.
All rugs of this collection are washable at 30°C gentle machine wash and are Oekotex certified.

“Furious Fur” quality

A very rich colour range from warm orange to deep red and dark fuchsia can be seen in the modern design range of the quality „Furious Fur“, artificial animal skin rugs with a high pile soft yarn surface.

02 Furious Fur Ff 1081 30 Multicolour Room
03 Style Fur Sf 1086 18 Grey Room

“Style Fur” quality

„Style Fur“ presents modern animal skin designs, fashionable art deco patterns and graphical orientated high-low surfaces.

“Animal Fur” quality

„Animal Fur“ is a tip-printed product. Showing two different colours in the same pile, the surface gets a very extraordinary look.

04 Animal Fur Af 1082 17 White Taupe Room
05 Comfort Cm 1081 08 White Room

“Comfort” quality

The quality „Comfort“ shows the same colour range as „Fluffy“; the yarn surface is more dense, the quality thus more luxurious.

“Fluffy” quality

Soft and agreeable is the quality „Fluffy“, the colour palette is modern and also commercial. Also the shape furs look very nice; Classis adapted the quality „Fluffy“ for one of their lovely kids rugs theme.

Products Animal Furs Fluffy New Photo
07 Ff 1082 30 Detail
Artificial Furs Ôkotex Label

Premium Rugs

Feel, touch and see the luxury and softness of this handmade rug collection, made by CLASSIS. Produced with the finest viscose and the best wool, every rug is a precious diamond and thus a chic accessory of your room ambiance.

“Glitter” quality

handwoven rugs with tip shearing

128 Premium Rugs Kopie.indd
128 Premium Rugs Kopie.indd

“Glaze” quality

handwoven rugs with loop stripes

“Diamond” quality

handwoven rugs with grid pattern

128 Premium Rugs Kopie.indd
128 Premium Rugs Kopie.indd

“Crystal” quality

handwoven rugs with light, shiny dots

“Stone” quality

handwoven rugs with rustic surface

128 Premium Rugs Kopie.indd
07 Premium Rugs Quality Nature

“Nature” quality

handwoven rugs with colour gradient

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Vacuum regularly (with nozzle attachment) 
  • Professional cleaning is always recommended
  • New rugs will often have excess fibres which can be removed easily by vacuuming
  • Loose threads should not be pulled but cut with sharp scissors in line with the pile height
  • Avoid exposure to moisture, water and sunlight
  • To air the carpet and avoid uneven wear, tear and fading, rugs should be turned regularly
  • Use rug pad to avoid pressure marks and flattening of pile from furniture 
128 Premium Rugs.indd