Artificial Animal Furs

Artificial Animal Furs

Classis presents a colourful cocktail of various artificial animal furs.
All rugs of this collection are washable at 30°C gentle machine wash and are Oekotex certified.

“Furious Fur” quality

A very rich colour range from warm orange to deep red and dark fuchsia can be seen in the modern design range of the quality „Furious Fur“, artificial animal skin rugs with a high pile soft yarn surface.

02 Furious Fur Ff 1081 30 Multicolour Room
03 Style Fur Sf 1086 18 Grey Room

“Style Fur” quality

„Style Fur“ presents modern animal skin designs, fashionable art deco patterns and graphical orientated high-low surfaces.

“Animal Fur” quality

„Animal Fur“ is a tip-printed product. Showing two different colours in the same pile, the surface gets a very extraordinary look.

04 Animal Fur Af 1082 17 White Taupe Room
05 Comfort Cm 1081 08 White Room

“Comfort” quality

The quality „Comfort“ shows the same colour range as „Fluffy“; the yarn surface is more dense, the quality thus more luxurious.

“Fluffy” quality

Soft and agreeable is the quality „Fluffy“, the colour palette is modern and also commercial. Also the shape furs look very nice; Classis adapted the quality „Fluffy“ for one of their lovely kids rugs theme.

Products Animal Furs Fluffy New Photo
07 Ff 1082 30 Detail
Artificial Furs Ôkotex Label